Risk Factors

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Improper Holding
  • Contamination
  • Inadequate Cooking
  • Unsafe Food Source

What do these mean to me? [FDA.gov]


Code 8
6-301.12 Hand Drying Provision - PF Paper towels were not available at the bar handsink. Please ensure paper towels are kept stocked at handsink at all times. 6-301.14 Handwashing Signage - C Bar handsink not equipped with proper signage. Handwash reminder sign was left for use at the time of the inspection.
Code 26
7-102.11 Common Name-Working Containers - PF Spray bottle of windex was labelled "sanitizer." Please ensure chemical labels are accurate.
Code 37
3-306.11 Food Display-Preventing Contamination by Consumers - P Cup of nuts on bar for self-service should be kept covered with a lid and a spoon used so bare hands do not come into contact with nuts in bowl. Spoon was put out at the time of the inspection.

Previous Inspections

Inspection Type Score
Routine Inspection 99.0
Routine Inspection 97.0

3 total inspections