About NC Food Inspector

durham, nc

We love the food and restaurants in the Triangle!

How often have you read a great Yelp review for a restaurant only to walk in and see that it's got a dismal public health inspection score? If you're the kind of person who pays attention to those ratings (or maybe you don't, but should!), this is the app for you.

NC Food Inspector is a brand new app designed to give citizens easy access to public health scores at restaurants in our community. It was created by Code for Durham, a non-profit organization committed to building helpful resources for our community out of public data.

For now, it's simple: map restaurants according to their public health inspection scores. Eventually, we'd like to mash it up with Yelp and Bull City Bucks to give an uber-Durham score that's worthy of our "Tastiest Town of the South" status. Give us feedback and keep coming back to see new iterations.